sorgenti naturali alpine per acqua frisia

The water of Valchiavenna since 1867

From the purest alpine springs, a spring water bottled in glass

Frisia Water, back to the future

Zero km water with a great past and a green future

Acqua Frisia is a historic brand of bottled water based in Valchiavenna, in the province of Sondrio, in northern Lombardy and in the center of the Alps.

With a long-standing tradition behind it, which in the second half of the last century made it one of the most appreciated and famous bottled waters in Italy, also thanks to its door-to-door distribution in large cities, the company has launched a new production and marketing project: a "return to the future", the result of a modern vision and a renewed philosophy, which anticipates the needs of the market, is committed to environmental sustainability and continues to bring to the tables of Italians the pure and natural quality of mountain water, synonymous with a healthy and Italian lifestyle.

Our values

The virtues of Acqua Frisia

Natural water

Frisia is one of the oligomineral waters with the lowest fixed residue: a light and healthy water that promotes the well-being of the organism by helping the depurative processes and stimulating diuresis. The organoleptic qualities of this water are a wonderful gift of nature, and we preserve them without alterations from the spring to the bottle.

Alpine water

Frisia is born in the heart of the Alps, from microbiologically pure mountain springs at an altitude of 430 meters (1410 ft) in an uncontaminated area. Our relationship with the environment is privileged, because it is nature itself that provides us with our raw material and respecting it is the best way to safeguard the quality of our products.

An Italian water

Frisia is proudly a water bottled in Italy from springs in the Italian territory: the springs are located in the province of Sondrio, in an area of about 45 km2 in the municipality of Piuro, and the plants are also located in Valchiavenna. Being Italian is an important value for our company, because it is a guarantee of absolute quality and safe origin of the water in every bottle, thanks to the strict controls along the entire supply chain.

Sustainable water

Frisia is a sustainable product not only in words but also and above all in deeds. We have made choices that go against the trend of other table waters, from the exclusive use of glass to raising awareness for responsible recycling, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of production and disposal. The superior quality of our products also depends on our ability to look far ahead.

The history of Acqua Frisia

From a historic brewery in the province of Sondrio to a plant capable of bottling the most popular home-delivered water in Milan and many other Italian cities. The history of Acqua Frisia began two centuries ago in a small corner of Valchiavenna where pure, natural water flows, but it still arrives on tables all over Italy, bringing with it the family values and taste of a genuine tradition. Just like this water, as fresh and good as if it had just gushed out.

Foto storica stabilimento Frisia - birrificio
Fonte acqua Frisia dal 1867
stabilimento storico acqua Frisia
Bottiglie in vetro acqua frisia anni 60
stabilimento acqua frisia
design tappi e bottiglie acque oligominerali risia del 2020
In Valchiavenna, around the middle of the nineteenth century, rose one of the first Italian breweries. In Santa Croce di Piuro since 1840 is active the historical Birrificio Spluga, which produces the homonymous low fermentation beer, also known as "birrone di Chiavenna".
Not far from Chiavenna, in Piuro and Santa Croce di Piuro, some alpine water springs were discovered, which from the beginning revealed unique properties: microbiological purity, low fixed residue, alpine freshness, exceptional lightness. An authentic gift of nature.
In the plant of Santa Croce di Piuro, which in the meantime had ceased the production of beer, begins the bottling of water from the two springs in the territory of Piuro, collected and stored so as not to lose any of its extraordinary qualities.
The first bottles of Acqua Frisia go on sale, under the brand name of Acqua Oligominerale Frisia: the sector of made in Italy table water is enriched by a new product of excellence that in a short time becomes known and appreciated throughout northern Italy.
The minimally mineralized water of the same name is born from the Bernina spring located in Santa Croce di Piuro. The production of Bernina water officially began in 1973, alongside Acqua Frisia with minimally mineralized, very light and diuretic natural water.
The range of products of the company from Valchiavenna is enlarged with the production of Frisia and Bernina drinks: particular and refined tastes such as Cedrata, Sanguinella, Grapefruit, Chinotto, Spuma, Aranciata amara and Gassosa make these drinks easily recognizable, decreeing their immediate success.
Frisia becomes to all intents and purposes the water of Milan. Thanks to the efficient and widespread door-to-door delivery service, the historic green boxes and orange baskets containing bottles of Frisia and Bernina water arrive in the homes of the Milanese and all Lombardy residents.
A group of investors led by Italian Roger de Bellegarde is taking over the Santa Croce di Piuro plant, which closed in 2014, with the intention of reviving the historic Italian water brand in the Alps with a renewed business and production philosophy that focuses on sustainability and ties to the territory.
After completing a series of plant modernizations and implementing important choices in terms of sustainable production, such as the decommissioning of the Pet water bottling line, the production and marketing of Acqua Frisia starts again with a "return to the future": responsible recycling and green materials for a plastic-free, healthy, and zero km water.

Brilliantly Italian water right from the label

Acqua Frisia is synonymous with an Italian lifestyle made up of a healthy diet, a passion for beauty and the ability to thoroughly enjoy life. The new labels of the Valchiavenna water embody these values, bringing them to restaurants and kitchens throughout the Italian peninsula. The themes of the representations are sectors in which Italy excels in the world: motors, which refer to the journey through the beautiful landscapes of our country and the Alpine passes of our territory; nautical design, which in Italy a has an illustrious centuries-old tradition and that today inspires the discovery of the wonderful Italian lakes, famous throughout the world; skiing, a deep passion and a legendary sport that are born on the slopes of the Alps, on those same mountains that offer us their purest water.

The historical labels of Acqua Frisia

Acqua Frisia has marked the history of our country, entering the collective imagination of Italians with the labels that since the end of WWII have distinguished the glass bottles of the low-mineral table water from the mountains of Valchiavenna and other Frisia branded drinks, from spuma to aranciata. With this excursus of graphics, colors and styles of the bottles of the past we retrace the evolution of water labels up to the present day and, with it, the personal stories of every family that has drunk Acqua Frisia in the last century.

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