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Joyful springs, born in glacial waters, gush out from the mountains of the central Alps. Throbbing veins of pure water course through the granite cliffs of the Valchiavenna, shaping and caressing them, flowing impetuously on into the valley. That is how Acqua FRISIA is born: pure, refreshing, the inspiration behind an authentic Italian product, a sustainable project: fantastically FRISIA!


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Our origins: A tale of sources that stretches back almost two centuries.
Our wealth: Native soil, sources and experience.
Our philosophy: Pure, natural water, and a sustainable, Italian product.


Disposable glass: transparent, high-quality

The water is bottled exclusively in transparent, high-quality disposable glass, avoiding the need to wash it with and significantly reducing the waste of energy and resources.

Labels made of FSC-certified paper

Labels made entirely out of FSC-certified paper, a sustainable choice for the environment.

Aluminium caps

A cap made of recyclable aluminium was chosen, without neglecting the design of the packaging.

Cardboard for distribution

In neutral and non-branded cardboard and using natural raw materials, and with glues and inks that do not affect the recycling process.

Spring water



Frisia mineral water is born microbiologically pure in an unspoiled area in the heart of the Alps, in Valchiavenna in northern Italy.
Its lightness is a mark of purity, and the choice of a glass bottle helps both to preserve its characteristics as well as possible, and to protect the environment thanks to the use of a material that is completely recyclable.


Today, Acqua FRISIA once again provides a modern-day option to conveniently receive your favourite water at home with just one click via our online shop

Continuerà, comunque, a essere garantita anche la tradizionale consegna a domicilio, che già nei primi anni ‘80 aveva conquistato l’intero territorio Lombardo, entrando nel cuore di Milano, dove FRISIA è stata una vera e propria istituzione nella consegna “porta a porta”.

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“Vogliamo preservare la bella storia di questa azienda italiana e dare valore al know-how già presente. Parallelamente ci rivolgiamo alle nuove generazioni affinchè ci aiutino ad anticipare le tendenze del mercato.”
Roger de Bellegarde,
CEO of Acquafrisia.

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