a TALE of sources

back almost two centuries

A tale of sources that stretches back almost two centuries. A tale that continues to enchant to this day and that starts from a magnificent area called Piuro, a tale that begins like this…

in the mid-nineteenth century

the classic BEER SPLUGA

was produced in the historic factory

Back in the mid-nineteenth century, the facility in Santa Croce di Piuro was a renowned brewery famous for its bottom fermented ‘Birrone di Chiavenna’ beer.


Source since 1867

Nel 1958, nello stesso stabilimento, inizia la produzione di acqua FRISIA, un marchio che a partire dal 1960, con l’entrata in commercio dell’Acqua Oligominerale FRISIA, diventerà un’icona del Made in Italy.

Nel 1960 entra in commercio l’acqua oligominerale FRISIA.

Nel 1971 nasce l’acqua minimamente mineralizzata BERNINA, in produzione dal 1973.

In 1977 production began on FRISIA and Bernina soft drinks.

By 1980 the door-to-door service was fully operational in Milan. FRISIA knocked on your door and introduced itself in all its natural authenticity, inside the beloved orange basket or the green box, like in the Medusa Film comedy ‘Mi fido di te’ by Ale & Franz (2007), directed by Massimo Venier.

Frisia Sp.A. stopped production in 2014 but, in November 2018, a group of investors led by the Italian Roger de Bellegarde, president of the holding company of Acqua FRISIA, took over the facility to resurrect a resource that we considered ourselves guardians of and which we hope to conserve over time with a firm sense of responsibility towards our native soil.

Having modernised the facility and optimised the entire production cycle (including eliminating pollutants and reducing the high quantity of energy wasted), production of Acqua FRISIA restarted in 2020 in the same historic facility, with a new plant and with a sustainable, environmentally friendly production method.

Brillantemente FRISIA!