The water in 100% recyclable and sustainable glass bottles

Drinking Frisia Water is an ecological choice, which protects the environment and pollutes less

Glass for bottle

FSC® certified paper for the label

Recyclable aluminum for the cap

Cardboard for packaging

Why Frisia is green

Bottled water that doesn't use plastic

All companies profess to be green, however, only a few are those that actually work to reduce their environmental impact. Since the beginning of the new phase in the history of Acqua Frisia, in 2018, we have set production sustainability as a pivotal point: the water we bottle every day is a precious gift of nature and we have the responsibility to protect the environment and the territory that surrounds us.

For this reason, we have chosen to produce an ecological table water, eliminating the use of plastic for bottling, minimizing chemical pollutants and significantly decreasing the waste of energy and resources.

Environmental protection is the result of small daily gestures: thanks to Frisia even drinking water can contribute to the well-being of our planet.

bottiglie di vetro a perdere per acqua Frisia

Eco-friendly water bottles

Glass water to use less plastic

Frisia is water bottled in clear, quality glass. The bottles of Acqua Frisia are all made of glass.

Glass is a much more environmentally friendly material than plastic, it is 100% recyclable and ensures maximum food safety of its contents: that is why we promote the responsible disposal and recycling of glass bottles, to protect the environment.

tappi delle bottiglie di vetro acqua frisia

Plastic free water

Recyclable aluminum caps for bottles

Our glass water bottles are all closed at the end with an aluminum screw cap. Also, in this case we have chosen to use an alternative material to plastic, which pollutes less and is more easily recyclable: thanks also to the simplicity of disposal in the separate collection - it is usually collected together with plastic or glass - aluminum can be reused indefinitely, with a significant saving of energy and raw materials.

Compared to plastic caps, moreover, the aluminum cap of water bottles allows for a greater possibility of graphic customization, in line with the design of the packaging, and guarantees the same lightness.

etichetta con vespa della bottiglia in vetro di acqua frisia

Raw material from sustainable forests

Ecological labels made of FSC® certified paper

In the last decades of the twentieth century, the labels of the bottles of Acqua Frisia and Acqua Bernina have become real symbols, becoming part of the iconography of Italian mineral water. Today this element, which has always been an integral part of the glass bottle, has not only an aesthetic value but also an environmental significance: the paper used for the labels of Acqua Frisia is in fact entirely FSC® certified, an internationally recognized standard for the protection of forests and the fight against deforestation.

The FSC® certification attests that the raw material comes from responsibly and sustainably managed forests and guarantees the traceability of the derived products: our water is therefore a fully ecological label.

cartone utilizzato per le bottiglie in vetro acqua frisia

Responsible Recycling

Cardboard packaging for distribution and disposal

Today, our packaging is also designed to respect the environment and reduce pollution. For the packaging of the products, we have chosen a cardboard packaging made of natural virgin material, lightly branded with water-based inks and glues that do not compromise the recycling process.

It is a light and easy-to-dispose-of material, expressly patented to be reused: the same wrapping can in fact become a practical container for the recovery and transport of disposable glass, thus promoting a virtuous circle of resource optimization and raising consumer awareness of responsible recycling.

Today as yesterday Frisia is still the Italian home water: buy it online and receive it at home

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